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    Ciaccio Law Firm P.C. is a full-service personal injury law office in Tucson, Arizona. Michael G. Ciaccio provides not only skilled and diligent legal representation, but he also helps his clients with property damage claims and with finding medical care for those without access to the health care system.

    Instead of dealing with the stress that comes with transportation problems and medical bill collection actions, you need to focus on putting your life back together. Our job is to take the steps necessary to minimize your stress and maximize your compensation.

    Attorney Michael G. Ciaccio practices exclusively in personal injury law. Being admitted to practice in all Arizona courts and the United States Supreme Court has provided him insight into the nuances of different courtrooms.

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    Mike Ciaccio and Sandy are great people. My mom referred me to them after a motorcycle accident and they took care of us. They are super friendly. The first time i talked to Mike was on the phone and it was like we knew each other for 20 years, great company and great people. Everything was handled for us by Ciaccio Law Firm and everything that could be done, was done. If you’re in search for a law firm who will get it done, Ciaccio Law Firm is the place to go.

    Brandyn R.

    Mr. Ciaccio and his legal team were amazing! I sustained a serious injury in a car accident, and Mr. Ciaccio handled everything for me. I was able to concentrate just on my recovery and not worry about anything. I wasn’t expecting much compensation, but Mr. Ciaccio and team really advocated and worked hard for me. I was able to walk away with a generous settlement. If it weren’t for Mr. Ciaccio, I would’ve been lost! Highly recommend!

    Sage S.

    Everybody at Ciaccio law firm was welcoming and friendly. Mike and Sandy always kept us in the loop as our case was put together and thankfully, they were able to think of things we wouldn’t have. They were fast and efficient and kept the ball rolling even when we may have been dragging our feet a bit… They really helped us! We highly recommend Ciaccio Law Firm!

    Desiree R.

    Our Chiropractic office has had the pleasure of working with Ciaccio law and were very impressed. Clients speak very highly of the team.

    Dr. Richard Casabona

    I made the right choice in calling The Ciaccio Law Firm to handle my motorcycle accident case. From day one, Michael provided the reassurance that he and his team would handle all legal, medical and insurance related aspects of the case, requiring only minimal involvement on my part. When my input was required, requests were explained in easy to understand terms and any decisions were provided with clearly defined options with accurate outcomes of each. By Michael and his team providing this nearly “hands-off” process, I was able to fully concentrate on the healing process and get my life back together. I would refer anyone involved in a motorcycle accident to immediately contact The Ciaccio Law Firm. Thank you to Michael and the team.

    Dennis Lukso

    Michael took great care of my daughter when she was hit by another driver. He stayed on top of things and was there every step of the way.

    Gary Wagnon

    Mr. Ciaccio was professional & informative regarding my situation. I appreciated his open & honest discussions. He handled the process seamlessly. Thank you! I would highly recommend him.

    Darlene D.

    Michael Ciaccio and his Team handled my mva case professionally, effectively with no drama.
    Thank you for your help and going above and beyond Michael!

    Sol Manion

    Sol Manion

    Mr. Ciaccio is by far one of the most professional and honest attorneys in the greater Tucson area. With every interaction I’ve had with him, I feel comfortable and at ease with his transparent and calming personality. If you are looking for someone whose reputation precedes them, look no further.

    Robert S

    This is what I read years ago, and I always remembered it – “99% of attorneys give the rest a bad name.”  But Attorney Michael Ciaccio’s Law Office with Sandy and Linda gave a whole different impression.  They are truly caring, kind and helpful, and they care enough to work long and hard for the best settlement

    I would go nowhere else.  Thank you to you all.

    Peggy J

    I’ve had the pleasure to know Michael for over thirty years He has always been one of the kindest, friendliest, persons I have ever met. He certainly is a person of great character, humility, and honesty. My family never needed his services till the year 2020. I am so impressed by his staff, their professionalism, friendliness, and their concern for us with all we were going through at the time. Michael took the time to check in with us and keep us informed as to the progress of our case. I was impressed with Michael and his staff with their knowledge and the interest they showed in us. I was also impressed by how Michael gave thanks to his team in front of us for all their efforts as a group working together. If you want a team with integrity and honesty and who is so professional and knowledgeable, this is a wonderful team that Michael Ciaccio has. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his services. Rick Evans

    Ricki Evans

    When my Wife was involved in a serious rear-end collision that totaled her car, Mr. Ciaccio and his team were great! We were seen the very next day, and the dedicated service was deeply appreciated. I would highly recommend them!

    Jacob L


    Ciaccio Law Firm, P.C.
    4562 N. First Avenue, Suite 100
    Tucson, AZ  85718
    Phone: 520-888-3135
    Fax: 520-888-3353



      Ciaccio Law Firm, P.C.
      4562 N. First Avenue, Suite 100
      Tucson, AZ  85718
      Phone: 520-888-3135
      Fax: 520-888-3353

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